Enhancing the Student Experience

Academic support

Over the period of the Project this strand of our work focused on enhancing the support for students provided by Scholarships and Student Funding, Student Administration and Student Systems, Institute for Academic Development and Technology Enhanced Learning Services. Read on the see what was achieved in 2014 and 2015.

Student Administration

Virtual Student Information Points

The cornerstone of the i-SIP service is the delivery of student documentation online via the student/alumni portal.

The facility securely delivers transcripts, HEAR, certificates of matriculation, academic statements and council tax exemption certificates to students/graduates anywhere, at any time on any platform.

It also facilitates the onward electronic transmission of these secure documents to employers, higher education institutions. Our expectation is that 80% of documents will be delivered online, controlled by the student/graduate with no administrative involvement.

Timetabling Unit

The Timetabling Unit has delivered a personalised timetabling service to students and seen a tripling in the number of bookable study spaces made available to students, via Student Web Room Booking.

A new timetable planning tool, Course Timetable Browser, enables students to quickly and easily identify potential course selection combinations.

Student Systems

The course selection and programme building tool, Path, is now available across the University. It shows all core course and degree programme information for all Schools.

Schools are engaging with additional functionality, including the programme builder tool which allows students to dynamically select courses, keeping track of programme rules and course requirements.

  • Online registration and document upload process developed and implemented.
  • Over 10,000 students have completed this process online rather than having to complete paper documents and post these back to the University.
  • Students can now get their Certificate of Student Status (for Council Tax Exemption); Certificate of Matriculation and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) online on any device.

Path website

Electronic document service on the Student Administration website

All final awards are now communicated to students via the EUCLID Student View in the MyEd student portal.

Schools upload the awards and publish directly online. Students also receive clear links through to support pages which have been developed by Schools to respond to any questions students may have.

This allows students to access their final awards no matter where they are in the world at that time.

Institute for Academic Development

Resit Bootcamp

Resit Bootcamp is a set of structured support resources giving advice on effective revision strategies and exam preparation for students with resits.

This set of self-access study skills materials is available around the clock on the Learn VLE.

Topics include:

  • time management
  • topic and exam stock taking
  • effective reading and note making
  • methods for self-testing
  • strategies to use during exams.

Preparing for study

The Preparing for Study pages for School and College students were redeveloped are can be found on the New Students’ website. These include interactive elements to encourage students to reflect on their current approaches to study and increase their awareness of how learning at University may be different.

Support for taught postgraduates

A variety of online resources support students with their learning and development through their Masters year.

Support can take the form of self-access material such as our updated learning resources and online courses, or can be interactive with tutor led online workshops and one-to-one study development consultations.

Students' experience is also supported through the use of social media via the IAD4masters blog and twitter account, allowing students to keep up to date with events and courses that are relevant to their Masters year. The IAD also works collaboratively with programmes to provide contextualised workshops or material for their online platforms.

Support for research students

Support for research students who teach has been consolidated and expanded:

  • a range of courses for new and more experienced tutors and demonstrators in the College of Humanities and Social Science and in the Sciences at King’s Buildings
  • a new course accredited by the Higher Education Academy and other new forms of accreditation support
  • an extensive self-enrol set of materials for tutors and demonstrators in Learn
  • five new newsletters for tutors and demonstrators annually
  • a new social network and events programme launched.

Information Services

Edinburgh Learning Conversations

Edinburgh Learning Conversations - a series of events designed for students and staff to talk together about important topics and experiences of learning. These include informal, lunchtime conversations and larger scale events aimed at both students and staff.

The series is organised by the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) and the Institute for Academic Development with contributions from students and staff across the University.


TREE is an online tool that allows staff and students to find appropriate technology resources to match their requirements:


We have developed community based tabs within Learn, so that student services or other specific groups within the University can maintain information about events, use of Learn itself, or Twitter feeds for example.

We have also developed video introductions to learning and teaching technologies aimed at both staff and students.

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