Enhancing the Student Experience

What happened?

A Task Group met to reflect on the support for students in emergency and crisis situations and made recommendations for their enhancement.

The aim of the Emergency Response strand was to
Reflect on current support for students in emergency and crisis situations.
Develop recommendations and consider the implications of these for implementation.
Complement the significant strengthening and updating of the arrangements for providing academic and pastoral support to students undertaken by the ESS project

Why was this important?

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Emergency support for students, although rarely required, is a crucial aspect of any University’s support infrastructure. As part of the overarching aims of the Student Experience Project we have strengthened and updated the arrangements for providing support to students in emergency and crisis situations.

Key developments

A Task Group chaired by Dr Bruce Nelson, College Registrar (College of Science and Engineering) has considered the current context and provision of support to students who experience crisis or emergency situations.

This group brought together representatives from Schools and Colleges; central support services, including Accommodation, Counselling, International Office, Chaplaincy, Academic Registry and Security; and student representatives and staff from EUSA.

The Group focussed on a number of specific aspects including:

  • Providing a summary of current provision;
  • An examination of the challenges relating to updating and enhancing our approaches;
  • An options appraisal to identify how best to move forward;
  • Support arrangements for off campus students;
  • Support arrangements for students with complex needs;
  • Consideration of documentation, policy and procedures.


The Task Group reported to the Student Experience Project Steering Group in January 2014 and made recommendations for the future development and enhancement of our approaches to student support in emergency and crisis situations. These recommendations have subsequently been taken forward under the auspices of the University's Student Mental Health Strategy Group. In 2015/16 the Group endorsed a new Support for Study policy subsequently approved by the University's Curriculum and Student Progression Committee. The Group has also endorsed a new Critical Student Welfare Incident Procedure which will be taken to the University Secretary's Group for approval early in 2016.

The Task Group also played a role in support of the piloting of the Big White Wall resource.

Want to know more?

There is more information about this project strand on the project's wiki pages