Student Community Engagement

Community partners

Information for community partners wishing to work with our students.

Do you need volunteer support?

In the academic year 2013/14 over 4,000 students volunteered through the Student Association’s volunteering centre in 424 community organisations. The EUSA volunteering centre supports and develops students to volunteer outside their degree programme. To find out more about the EUSA volunteering centre, visit the EUSA volunteering website.

Would you like to find out about how communities can be affected by research?

The Beltane Public Engagement Network (Beltane) is a network for people interested in making academic research accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Inspired by the proximity of Holyrood, the Beltane has a theme of enabling access to research relevant to public policy. Beltane runs some events which are open to members of the public. To find out more about Beltane, visit the Beltane website

Would you like support from students in an academic specific project?

There are a number of degree programmes which involve students carrying out research or practice in the community and we’re always interested to hear about more opportunities. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Do you have any other ideas about how students could work in partnership with you or your organisation?

Please contact us to discuss this further.