Enhancing the Student Experience

Student Enhancement Programme Board

The remit of the Student Enhancement Programme Board and its strategic oversight of student experience enhancement activities and key projects is currently under review.

Board remit

The remit of the Board is currently under review.

The role of the Student Enhancement Programme Board has been to oversee all of the activity for enhancing the student experience and to provide strategic oversight and expertise on change processes. Professor Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice-Principal,  has recently assumed responsibility for  Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience and the future role of the Board is currently under review.


Projects within the Programme

Significant work continues to develop within the University which focuses on the student experience, with academic and support services increasingly working together in these projects.

At this time there are two main areas of enhancement and development activity around the student experience which have been overseen by the Programme Board:

Enhancing Student Support Project

The team supporting the creation of the University-wide Personal Tutor system, giving students high quality guidance and support.

Enhancing Student Support

Student Experience Project

The Student Experience Project aims to deliver a better understanding of the student experience, to pilot and implement developments to services and activities and to enrich the experience of all students of the University.

More about the Student Experience Project's initiatves and teams