Accessing Student Data Dashboards

Who can access our dashboards and how to do it

Who can access the dashboards?

The dashboards are available in two levels of detail to provide as much detailed analysis as possible while ensuring data protection standards. The levels are described below:

Detailed Dashboard

Detailed dashboards analyse individual course and programmes in full detail and are accessible only to staff authorised to view individual student data.

Protected Dashboard

Protected dashboards are accessible to all other staff, and round student cohorts up to the nearest multiple of 5.

Staff who are unable to access the detailed dashboards but have a valid reason for doing so can apply for access using the link below:

Apply for an account

Where can I view the dashboards?

As the dashboards connect to our student databases, you must be online and logged in to EASE to use them.

The dashboards can be opened on any desktop computer, laptop or tablet with Adobe Flash Player installed. Adobe Flash Player is free software for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video. All University supported computers have the recommended version of Flash installed. For personally-maintained computers and devices, Flash can be installed by clicking on the link below:

Download Adobe Flash Player

The dashboards are compatible with any of the University’s supported browsers, click on the link below to see the latest information from IS:

Supported Web browsers

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