About Student Data Dashboard

Main content and themes, analysis and bench-marking, and future developments.


These Dashboards explore the entire student lifecycle, presenting data in both tabular and visual formats. They support a range of key strategic activities and processes including Recruitment, Quality Assurance, Learning and Teaching, and Athena Swan.

What data is being published?

The dashboards are a great way to discover and share aggregated data on the following areas:

  • applications
  • course results
  • programme outcomes
  • programme surveys
  • course surveys

Data can be analysed in the following ways:

  • drill from University down through College, School and subject to individual courses and programmes.
  • analyse trends across a range of session years
  • categorise students by fee status, gender, ethnic group and/or widening participation status.

Answer questions like:

  • what’s the gender split of applicants to my programme. Is this reflected in places offered?
  • does fee status affect conversion rate?
  • how does the completion rate of my current cohort compare with that of previous years?
  • are certain courses within my programme more popular with a particular ethnic group?
  • how do widening participation students perform in comparison to other students?
  • how has my  course's pass rate changed over time?
  • how do student survey results in my area compare to other areas?

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