Teaching staff

Download resources to help inform your students about the Questionnaires. You should also consider unconscious bias and how the Questionnaire results can feed into your Annual Review.

Advertising the Questionnaires

We have produced a series of single slides you should display to your students to help raise awareness about the Questionnaires.

Display these slides at the appropriate points within your course to prepare your students for the Course Enhancement Questionnaires.

Week 1 – Let students know in the first week what to expect at the end of the course
Week before – Preparing students for the Questionnaire
Completion – Advising students on how to complete the Questionnaire

Unconscious bias

It’s important that you don’t bias the Questionnaire results, consciously or unconsciously. The Human Resources website has more information on identifying and overcoming unconscious bias:

Overcoming Unconscious Bias – HR Learning & Development

Annual Review

The results from your students’ Questionnaires can be used to inform your Annual Review (PDR).

Further resources

Guidance and information for staff on the use of course enhancement data has been reviewed and enhanced - you can view the guidance at the link below.

What are Course Enhancement Questionnaires used for?

Course enhancement data interpretation guidance for managers has also been reviewed - you can view the guidance at the link below.

How should course enhancement data be used?