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Travel insurance

It is recommended that anyone travelling on behalf of the University (to conferences, meetings, field trips, placements etc) arranges travel insurance.

Travel (including fieldwork) risk assessment and guidance during Covid-19 situation

Travel (including fieldwork) on University business can now be undertaken but a Covid-19 specific travel risk assessment must be completed for any travel on University of Edinburgh business, both within the UK and abroad. This risk assessment must be submitted as part of your travel insurance application, and will be mandatory for submission.  Ensure you follow the accompanying flow chart before completing the Covid-19 risk assessment and thereafter follow your normal authorisation process prior to booking any travel or accommodation. Also see the further guidance related to fieldwork on the WYNTK page for staff.


It’s not automatic and can be applied for using the online application.

Benefits of University Insurance

The main benefits of the policy are;

  • £25m - Medical expenses (including evacuation and repatriation)
  • £10,000 - Flight Cancellation/Curtailment
  • £10,000 – Personal Baggage (including laptops, up to £1000)
  • £5000 – Loss of money/credit cards

Other considerations;

Employee personal travel insurance is unlikely to provide cover if the air fares are paid by the University (the policy holder must be the person incurring the cost).

If the trip is within the UK and involves an overnight stay and/or travel by air, then it’s worth taking out travel insurance for this trip.

The University travel policy has no pre existing medical exclusions, provided that the person traveling is fit and able to do so, is not travelling against the advice of their GP, is not travelling to seek medical addition and has sufficient supplies of any medication for the duration of the journey.

Some places are more hazardous than others so the Foreign & Commonwealth Travel website should be checked and if necessary, a travel risk assessment completed.

Online insurance application

Please use the online Insurance form to apply quickly and easily.

Online application form

Further guidance

University insurance policy, procedures and claim forms can be found on the Insurance Office SharePoint site.

Insurance Office SharePoint site

Risk assessment

The University Insurers may require to see a copy of your authorised risk assessment form before insurance is confirmed – the Insurance Office will contact you directly if this is the case.

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