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Skating and competing at a fast pace, and flying over the rink gives an exhilarating feeling

“Roller hockey is a ridiculously fast sport,” Thoms Zwagerman told EUSU news

Roller Hockey

. Thomas is the President of Edinburgh University Roller Hockey Club and told us all about why it’s such a great sport to get involved with…

EURHC is a small, accessible club with a unique offering and Thomas was keen to tell us more about how accessibility is one of the club’s key principles. “We’ve created an environment where anyone, no matter previous experience, can learn to play without being judged on their ability… we have no membership fee, equipment is provided and the first session is free (£5 per session after that)”.

The Roller Hockey Club are dab-hands at introducing new-comers to the sport, Thomas was a new-comer himself and confesses being “dragged” along by a flatmate to his first session. The instant visual appeal and sensory rush of Roller Hockey soon hooked Thomas though and a little way down the line he’s club President.

Thomas recalled an early introduction to the sport that left a lasting impression- “I saw the advanced folk skate backwards and forwards and stick handling so quickly that it was difficult to follow the puck. I decided I wanted to be able to do that too. I kept coming back and practicing, and now a year on I’m playing with the advanced folk”. Thomas’ fast progress in the sport is a remarkable testament to the accessible environment the club aims to create and the President was also eager to remind us of the sport’s off-rink benefits- “I’ve met so many lovely people. Going to socials as a new student, I was introduced to the best venues in Edinburgh...”

It’s not all social trips and loud jerseys though, EURHC are also a big name in Scottish Roller Hockey, “We’ve won the Scottish Nationals/League 7 times since 2002, but the biggest success was being the 2007/2008 Champions at the British Universities Roller Hockey Championships, after being the runner up. We have represented Edinburgh consistently in Scotland, as this year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary… We’re also extremely proud to say that numerous of our women regularly play for the Scottish Women National Team.”

For an immensely accessible sport with clear routes for progression and sporting achievement, as well as a thriving social scene, Edinburgh University Roller Hockey Club has a great offering. Tom also reminded us of a perk not to be overlooked… “you can impress all your friends when you look cool skating backwards.”


By: George Storr