Sports Union

Sports Union Membership

For students to participate in sport with the clubs at The University of Edinburgh, they must first become a member of one of the EUSU Sports Clubs.

Club Membership

As the sports clubs at the University manage their own programme for the year and their own costs, they each charge a different rate of membership fee to their club.

Some memberships fees include the entire programme cost for a year so the fee you pay at the start covers you for the rest of the academic year; others may require top up fees throughout the year on a semi 'pay as you play' basis.

It is important to clarify with the individual club what the membership provides and what it doesn't.


All club memberships can be accessed through the following site: Edinburgh University Sports Union


Sport & Exercise

Sport & Exercise

Sport & Exercise manages all of the University's sports facilities. This includes the indoor facilities at the Pleasance and St Leonards and outdoors at Peffermill and Firbush.

EUSU has an agreement with University Sport & Exercise for significantly reduced hire costs of facilities for Club training, fixtures and other activities.

  • Clubs are not charged directly for facility hire for activity arranged through EUSU
  • As part of this agreement members of Clubs that use Sport & Exercise MUST become a member of Sport & Exercise by purchasing either:
  1. A FULL MEMBERSHIP (£115 valid until 31st August 2018)
  2. A SEMESTER MEMBERSHIP (£79 per semester)


As well as Club training and fixtures membership of Sport & Exercise provides access to our world-class gym and training facilities:

  • 10 state-of-the-art gyms at the Pleasance
  • Over 100 free exercise classes a week
  • Timetabled swimming 7 days per week


A full list of these clubs is available below.

American Football Judo Shinty
Archery Ju Jitsu Shotokan Karate
Athletics Kendo Shukokai Karate
Badminton Kick Boxing Squash
Basketball Korfball Swimming & Water Polo
Boxing Lacrosse Table Tennis
Boat Ladies Rugby Taekwondo
Cheerleading Men's Hockey Trampoline
Cricket Men's Lacrosse Triathlon
Fencing Muay Thai Ultimate Frisbee
Men's Football Netball Volleyball
Gaelic Football Rifle Weightlifting
Futsal Men's Rugby Women's Football
Gymnastics   Women's Hockey


To get your Sport & Exercise membership, you can do so online HERE.

Sport & Exercise Recruitment Reward

£10 for every Club member who joins

As an extra incentive for Clubs to encourage their members to take out a FULL Sport & Exercise membership we are introducing a new Recruitment Reward scheme for Clubs.

Sport & Exercise will offer a £10 per member rebate to EUSU Clubs for every University of Edinburgh Student Club Member who takes out a FULL Sport & Exercise membership before Thursday 12th October.

This rebate is valid for ALL Clubs no matter if they use Sport & Exercise facilities for training, fixtures and other activities or not and clubs will be free to use the rebate money as they see fit.


Important Notes:

  • In Semester 1 after Monday 30th October, Clubs that use Sport & Exercise facilities for training or fixtures or other purposes, who are found to have members without a valid Membership will be charged a facility charge please (£79) per non-member per Semester.
  • Approved EUSU coaches will be able to take advantage of the Student membership price but no rebate will be paid.
  • Non UoE student Club members will only be allowed to purchase Full Membership and no rebate will be paid.
  • Non-Student Club members will be required to hold a valid Full Year Sport & Exercise Non-Student Membership, unless otherwise agreed with Sport & Exercise Performance Sport Manager.
  • Recruitment Reward rebates will be paid to the Individual clubs via EUSU by end of November 17.