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The Sports Union has a variety of different paths to suit everyone looking to participate in sport.

Club Sport

The Sports Union (SU) boasts one of the most comprehensive club programs in the United Kingdom. With 64 different clubs there is a fantastic range of sports to suit everyone's needs.

Each club is led by our students and supported by the SU through effective committee training, staff time and financial assistance. This ensures that the experience of joining a club is one of the most positive in a University career.

To find out more make sure you check out the information you could want from our Club Directory.

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Intra-Mural (IM) provides one of the quintessential University sport experiences. Compete against your peers across 16 different sports in a more relaxed atmosphere, you decide the intensity. Grab some mates and get started.

To get involved, get together a bunch of people, from your course, halls or friends from home (make sure it's people you fancy spending the occasional Sunday morning with) and sign up using our online portal.

For more information contact our Intra-Mural exec members.

IM Leagues

Paul Duffy

Vice President Intra-Mural

  • Office Hours
  • Monday: 15.00-16.00
  • Wednesday: 10.00-12.00

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  • Rugby, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Womens 5-a-side

Jack Willows

Intra-Mural Co-ordinator

  • Office Hours

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  • Mens Football (11s), Mens 5-a-side, Hockey, Squash



The EDex Series covers a extensive range of sports and activities. Each activity is in isolation, if you don't want to commit to a semester of Intra-Mural or a year of club training, EDex provides a welcome alternative. Go kayaking one weekend, sky-diving the next, no obligations, no training - just opportunities.

Make sure you check back regularly for new events as they become available, it's as easy as filling in your details and signing up online.

For more information on the EDex events please contact our Vice President

Eleri Connick

Vice President

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  • Office Hours

EDex events