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Got questions about our Climbing Wall? We've put together a handy FAQs section for you.

Where is the Climbing Wall?

The wall is located at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym, 46 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ.

To gain access, enter through the main entrance.  The Climbing Wall is located at the back of the gym, past the squash courts and near the Sports Hall.

What Climbing facilities do you have?

The Tower

  • Top roping
  • Lead climbing
  • 8 metre walls with varying angles
  • 25 lines
  • Abseil Platform

The Rock

  • Bouldering
  • 4.2 metre walls with varying angles

The Bothy

  • Climbing Wall Reception

How many routes there are?

The Tower

Between 75 – 100 routes

The Rock

Between 60 – 100 boulder problems

What are your grade ranges in the Tower?

3 – 7B

In the Rock?

V0 – V9

Do I need a Beginners Course before I climb?

No.  You can boulder in the Rock without having to complete a Beginners course

If you want to use the Tower roped wall, then you must know how to put on a harness, tie an appropriate climbing knot and belay safely.  If you do not know how to do any of the above, then a Beginners course is required.

A short refresher can be requested for anyone who needs a quick reminder of skills.  If staff deem this to be more involved than a quick refresher, then they will suggest a Beginners Course.

I’ve climbed with ropes before, but my friend hasn’t – can I teach them how to use the ropes?

You can teach your friend as long as you hold the relevant instruction qualification and insurance.  These documents must be produced to the Wall in advance of the session.  For more information on these, contact the Climbing Wall Team.

If you do not hold the above, then you cannot teach your friend.

How can I find a climbing partner?

We have a Facebook Group that people will post on in order to find climbing partners, usually a day or so before they want to climb.  It is ‘Sport & Exercise Climbing Wall’.

We also have a Climbing Buddy Sign-up sheet located in the Bothy.

Do you have auto belays?

Nope, we do not.

Can I lead climb at the Wall?

Yes, you can on all 25 lines.  You need to:

  • Be competent in performing lead climbing skills
  • Be competent at lead belaying
  • Bring your own lead rope to climb with

What should I wear/bring?

We’d recommend wearing something you’d feel comfortable climbing in, usually clothes you may wear to the gym.

Please take off rings and jewellery before you climb.

What equipment do I need?

To climb in the Rock, you need climbing shoes, and, if you like, some chalk.

To climb in the Tower, you need climbing shoes, a climbing harness, belay device and karabiner (between 2), and, if you like, some chalk.

For hire info, please see here.

These can be paid for at the main Reception.  Please bring the receipt to the Bothy as proof of purchase.

You can also purchase chalk balls and tape at Reception

Can anyone climb at the Wall, or do you need to be affiliated to the University?

Anyone can get a membership for our facility, over the age of 16.

Please see here for information on access and prices.

Are there places to get changed/store my bag/shower, etc?

There are lockers just outside the Bothy on which you can use a padlock. Padlocks are available at the Pleasance Reception.  In the Bothy, there are spaces underneath the benches to store bags.

There are multiple changing rooms with toilets, lockers and showers in them.  Some even have a sauna in them!

Can I bring my child climbing?

The minimum age for using the gym is 16 years old, and this filters into the Climbing Wall.  This may mean that your child is not old enough to use our facilities.

Organised kids group booking can be arranged in advance though, and this can be for kids aged 8 years old and up.  Please email for costs etc

How do I register?

The first time you enter, you will be required to fill out a Registration Form at the Bothy.  Whenever you climb after that, you will sign in at the Bothy desk.

You can sign in using you student/staff/membership card, or if you do not have one, we can search for you by name on our system.  You must sign in each time before you climb.