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Thousands of exercisers worldwide use Preva® to achieve their fitness goals. Preva allows you to track your fitness progress at the gym with on-console software or on-the-go with the Preva Mobile app.

Create a Preva account and take a big step toward your fitness ambitions in and out of the gym. Set a goal, earn rewards and track your progress automatically on Precor cardio equipment or with the Preva app.

Preva is a personalized fitness experience specifically designed and built to help you achieve your goals. As your fitness co-pilot, Preva entertains and motivates - encouraging you to succeed along your own personal fitness path.

  • Enjoy more interesting workouts with best of web content in an easy-to-read format.

  • Set your own weekly goals based on calorie burn, distance or workout duration.

  • Track your progress to goals and earn fun badges for your achievements.

  • Save your favorite workouts so that you can replay the same workout another time.

  • Traveling? No problem! Track your workout and access your progress anywhere in the world in a facility that features networked Precor 880 cardio line equipment.

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Sport & Exercise make it easy

At Sport & Exercise we make it simple to use Preva to track your workout. Simply pick up your FREE Preva Band, link it to your account and you'll be able to log in easily and quickly each time you use a Preva enabled exercise machine at the gym.

Step 1: Pick up your FREE Preva band in the gym or ask a member of staff

Step 2: Sign up for a Preva account y on the CV machines or at

Step 3:  Link your band to your account on the machine.

Watch our "how to" use your Preva band video (external link)