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Eric Liddell Gym

A gym dedicated to fixed weight machines. A great place to start if you are new to using weights.

Video: Eric Liddell Gym
Be inspired with what's available in the Eric Liddell, fixed wights Gym at the Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym.

This newly extended spacious gym offers members a variety of state of the art Precor fixed weight resistance machines. A great place to train whether you’re starting your strength-based journey or simply wish to resistance train in a more fixed-weight environment.

These are the cable machines currently located within the Eric Liddell Gym:

  • 1 glute extension 
  • 1 converging chest press
  • 1 converging shoulder press 
  • 2 chest press
  • 1 lateral raise 
  • 1 pec fly/rear delt
  • 1 rotary torso 
  • 1 abdominal
  • 1 back extension 
  • 1 diverging low row 
  • 1 seated row 
  • 3 lateral pull down 
  • 2 dip/chin assisted
  • 1 Icarian low row 
  • 2 bicep curl
  • 1 tricep extension 
  • 2 leg extension
  • 1 inner thigh


The Eric Liddell gym can be accessed through the Cardiovascular gym and by a ramp. If assistance is required to get settled at the machines, please ask a member of the gym team for help.

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