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Stockman Scholarship for Sporting Excellence

An award open to talented students on our Individual Performance Programme competing in track and field events

The Stockman Scholarship for Sporting Excellence  is a one off award of £1500.00 distributed to talented undergraduate students who compete in track and field events.

This year the scholarship is shared by two students who have excelled in different areas of the discipline. 

Applications are via the Individual Performance Programme application process.


This year's recipients: Che Richards and Holly Page


Che Richards and Holly Page

This scholarship will help me with my training and preparation for the 2020 season. The scholarship will help with travelling expenses and entrance fees to the track in Saughton and Pitreavie. In addition to this, the scholarship will be used to pay entrance fees for indoor competitions in January in and around the UK and possibly in Europe. I’m eternally grateful for the scholarship given that it is a great help in funding my athletic career. 

Ché RichardsScholarship Recipient


This scholarship has allowed me to continue to travel to races and buy kit to allow me to compete at my highest potential.

Holly PageScholarship Recipient