Sport & Exercise

Clean Sport Policy

To create an environment where athletes within The University of Edinburgh’s Individual Performance Programme (IPP) and those in a Tier 1 Team Performance Programme (TPP) sport are empowered with the knowledge, resources and qualified support to compete cleanly, and are aware that they can reach their goals in their chosen sport without the use of prohibited substances or methods.

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Key Objectives

1. Coach Education: Education of Coaches and support staff to provide a source of advice for athletes

2. Athlete Education: Education of athletes to make them aware of what anti-doping rule violations are, the principles of strict liability, and the resources available to them to check their own compliance.

3. Nutritional Support: Provision of good nutritional advice to aid athletes in reaching their goals through natural means.


1. Coach Education

  • All members of the coaching staff employed by The University of Edinburgh will be required to complete the UKAD Accredited Advisors Course within 1 month of commencing employment, as a condition of their ongoing work with athletes. This must be renewed annually.
  • University of Edinburgh Support Staff working with athletes within our Performance Programmes will be required to take the Accredited Advisors Course as a condition of their ongoing work with these athletes.
  • All coaching and support staff will be encouraged to attend anti-doping education talks where possible and available.

2. Athlete Education

  • All athletes who wish to be part of either The University of Edinburgh’s IPP or a Tier 1 TPP sport will be required to complete the UKAD Accredited Advisor Course by 31st October in the season in which they wish to compete. Athletes who have not completed the course by this date will be excluded from programmes and will receive no support from The University of Edinburgh in either support services or scholarships.
  • Athletes will be directed to the best available online educational websites ( and substance checking databases (

3. Nutritional Support

  • Athletes will be provided with appropriate nutrition advice to help them achieve the necessary nutrition for performance from natural sources.

Ongoing Commitments

The University of Edinburgh Performance Sport Department is committed to the ongoing review of the Performance Sport – Clean Sport Policy to ensure compliance with any future alterations to anti-doping regulations. The University of Edinburgh Performance Sport Department will advocate anti-doping education and compliance across the wider sporting community at Edinburgh University. In particular, working towards the status of an UKAD Accredited Institution.