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Happy 50th Birthday, Firbush!

Our Firbush Outdoor Centre is celebrating 50 years of education, community and adventure.

Elaine & Les on their wedding day

7th October 2017 marks 50 years since Firbush, on Loch Tay near Killin in the Highlands, opened its doors and invited visitors to experience its vast array of outdoor pursuits and beautiful scenery.

50 years later and Firbush continues to delight those who come here (often year after year) with a mix of activities, including sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, reading parties, family activity holidays and corporate team building courses.

Throughout the year we will be sharing special memories of Firbush on this page to celebrate its half century, so come back soon and share your own recollections with us by emailing


I had known one of the instructors, Les Berrow, since I had been at school - he had in fact taught me to sail. Unexpectedly, we became good friends through meeting again at Firbush and fell in love. Our lives fell into place when a vacancy arose at the GP practice in Killin and I was able to move to Killin in 1993 to work as a GP and to live at Firbush all the time!! We spent 24 very happy years with Les continuing to work at Firbush

Elaine Turner



So many brilliant memories from Firbush. My first Munro. My first eskimo roll in a kayak. The Sinderson room and the tuck shop. Paddling up to Killin or playing water rounders. I went to Kid’s week every year I was eligible and then went back as a helper. That first moment windsurfing in the footstraps and on the harness with a dedicated staff in the rescue boat...Long live Firbush and I hope many others have the same positive experiences as I’ve had

Keith Renz


Over the years, accolades have from young people and parents poured in, describing how one week in the summer spent at Firbush changed young people's lives in so many ways,' said a nurse involved in running the project.

Youth Diabetes Worker


It transpired that a group from the Management School had decided to sing national anthems and they needed someone from Scotland.

Not being a singer (at all) I somehow managed a verse of 'Flower off Scotland’ much to their delight (and amusement). I sat with them for a long while after that.

In the end we counted fifteen different national anthems. 

Dennis RewtFormer Director of Firbush

We had much fun and often significant adventure at Firbush for several years after the millennium on summer family holidays. Our kids Alex and Catherine were in their early teens and learnt to sail and windsurf. Significantly they become very confident on and mostly in, and underwater; Alex became a summer camp director at a wilderness summer camp on Lake Tahoe for Camp America and our younger daughter became a certified Divemaster. Professionally, Alex became an architect, in Edinburgh and Catherine a marine environmental conservation expert for AONB in North Devon. Both learnt useful life skills at Firbush which ultimately supported their confidence in later life careers.

Professor Chris Oliver

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