Sport & Exercise

Sustainability "Changemaker" Award

Pleasance and Pefffermill Operations Manager Chris McIntosh scoops prestigious University sustainability award.

The "SRS Changemaker" Award recognises individual staff and students who have brought noticeable positive change to the University and its community either by undertaking a successful socially responsible or sustainable project or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible and sustainable way.

Five members of staff received this award in 2019-20, with a further five staff and one student receiving highly commended recognition.

Chris received this award for successful, creative and continued efforts to embed sustainability within the operations of Sports & Exercise.

Projects include:

  • Upgrading the sensor lighting throughout Pleasance to reduce energy consumption;
  • Partnering with Playerlayer to provide their "Ecolayers" products for all sports teams kits (with old kits being donated to schools in Africa);
  • Partnering with SIGG and Yanga Sports Water to make refilling sports drinks the norm and thus reduce the amount of single-use plastics bottles used in sports & training;
  • Arranging for the old foam floor in the gym's climbing wall to be reused by local upholsterers;
  • Plans to replace sports balls nearing the end of their life with fairtrade equivalents.

The judges were impressed by his proactivity in seeking sustainable products and partnerships, and for his willingness to suggest, trial and measure the impact of multiple new sustainability initiatives, paving the way for other departments - and other universities - to follow.

Chris's determination and drive mean that Sport & Exercise has refreshed the Gold Sustainability Award we have held since 2017

Congratulations Chris