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Student membership options for 2019-20

Our new 2019/20 student memberships will be available to buy online and from Pleasance reception from 1 August 2019.

Summary of changes from 1 August 2019

In order to simplify our student membership structure and to better reflect the level of service and facilities we offer we have made some slight adjustments to the options available for students:

  • We’ve improved our Off-Peak membership benefits, adding access to our Easter Bush Gym 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and to every member swimming session at the pool at St Leonard’s Land.  Off-peak PLUS members can still utilise the Pleasance Gym from 6am to 2.30pm weekdays and all weekend.
  • We’ve removed our Easter Bush and Swimming Only memberships, however access to these sites is now included in our improved Off-Peak PLUS membership

Choosing the right membership for you

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive package, to come to the gym at quieter times, to join until the 31 August 2020 or just a semester, we have a membership option to suit everybody

Membership Type Full Gym, Class, Swim Semester Gym, Class, Swim Full Gym, Class, Swim, Climb Semester Gym, Class, Swim, Climb  Off-Peak PLUS
Membership Duration To 31 August To 24 December To 31 August To 24 December To 31 August
Membership Price £135.00 £82.00 £190.00 £121.00 £82.00
Pleasance Gym and Classes All day, every day All day, every day All day, every day All day, every day 6am - 2pm weekdays, all weekend
Climbing and Bouldering - - Included Included -
Easter Bush Gym and Classes* Included Included Included Included Included
Timetabled swimming Included Included Included Included Included
Sports Union Club Facility use Included Included Included Included -
BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership Included - Included - -

*Easter Bush Gym operates Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm and is closed at the weekend.

We will also continue to offer a 1 month student membership until Sunday 1 September 2019 for those students that reside in Edinburgh but leave the city to study elsewhere during term time or for those who want a short-term summer gym membership.

Offering outstanding value

  • Because of the increasing cost of staffing and runnng our facilities , the price of our Off-Peak, Full Gym, Class, Swim and Full Gym, Class, Swim, Climb memberships have increased
  • We have frozen the price of our Semester memberships. Holders of these memberships will also be able to extend their membership to the August 31 for the price difference to a Full membership. This means there is no penalty for “splitting” the cost of a membership across the year.
  • We can assure members that we do not generate profit from our memberships with any income generated re-invested into our facilities and services. Over the past year we have:
    • Invested over £60,000 into new and replacement equipment
    • Refurbished our female changing rooms and added new gender neutral toilets.
    • Installed the new Sports Hall floor (opening September 2019)
    • Started work refurbishing the Free Weights Gym (opening August 2019)
    • From September 2019 we will also be expanding our class programme from 107 to 114 classes per week.
  • We are confident that we continue to offer fantastic value to University students, providing an exceptional level of service, equipment and facilities for less than £2.50 a week.

Equivalent memberships at other Institutions (2018/19 prices)

Prices checked 18/06/19
Institution Full Year Semester
York £286.00 n/a
Loughborough £265.00 £125
Birmingham £237.00 n/a
Nottingham £229.00 £135
Bristol £225.00 n/a
Liverpool £214.00 £133
Oriam (Herriot Watt) £188.00 £108
St Andrews £150.00 £90
Durham £150.00 n/a
Strathclyde £128.00 n/a
Glasgow £125.00 £85
Newcastle £122.50 n/a
Stirling £99.90 £74.90