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New Cardio Equipment Trial in MyGym

We are trialling some new equipment in MyGym and need your feedback.

Over the next few weeks we are trialling some new Cardio equipment in MyGym and we’d welcome your feedback. In the gym you’ll soon find a MATRIX S-Drive Performance Trainer, a TechnoGym® SKILLMILL™ and a TechnoGym® SKILLROW™.

We currently have this equipment on loan and it would like to gather member feedback to help inform our decision about whether to add them our suite of equipment permanently.

Come try out the new equipment over the next few weeks and let us know what you think by using #TryBeforeWeBuy and tweeting us at @UoE_Sport_Exer or commenting on our Facebook page @pleasancegym. Alternatively, simply speak to one of the Gym Team or add your comments to the “score” sheet on display beside the new equipment in MyGym.

New Equipment Information

MATRIX S-Drive Performance Trainer

Offering unmatched versatility, the S-Drive Performance Trainer helps you elevate your explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one machine.

Find out more HERE (external link)

TechnoGym® SKILLMILL™ - arriving Tuesday 4 July

Born from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL™ is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems and turn gym users into peak performers.

Find out more HERE (external link)

TechnoGym® SKILLROW™ -  arriving Tuesday 4 July

SKILLROW™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing equipment that trains both cardio and power at athlete's level, thanks to its sport-specific design, exclusive technology and performance-oriented workouts.

Find out more HERE (external link)