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Medal Success at BUCS Nationals

University of Edinburgh athletes return home from the BUCS Nationals with 48 medals.

Over 120 University of Edinburgh athletes, competing across 7 sports, enjoyed a successful weekend at the BUCS Nationals that took place in Sheffield 16-17 February. With over 6000 student athletes competing, the BUCS Nationals brings together individual BUCS Championship events which take place across different venues across the city.

Some of the many highlights from the weekend included:

  • Jack Thorpe’s performance in the 100m Freestyle. Despite a low qualification, racing in lane 8, Jack stormed past the competition placing 1st and picking up a gold medal.
  • Che Richards, qualifying for the final in his first jump in the prelims and then despite only doing one jump in the final (and then having to stop due to hamstring niggle) still managed to get gold in the Long Jump. 
  • Chloe Dickson achieving a silver medal in the Sabre despite it not being her normal fencing speciality  
  • Chloe Dickson and Katie Smith achieving a one-two result in the women’s Foil event

The BUCS National are a key opportunity for individuals and teams to gain valuable BUCS points which are used in the end of year BUCS rankings. The 346 BUCS points Edinburgh gained at the event will be added to the total gained from other events and competitions throughout the year. 


UoE Medal Table
  Gold Silver Bronze Total
Karate 3 3 6 12
Swimming 2 10 7 19
Fencing 1 2 0 3
Athletics 1 0 0 1
Judo 1 2 3 6
Climbing 0 3 0 3
Rifle 2 1 1 4
Total 10 21 17 48


Full list of placings in finals


Women’s Novice Kata

1st place: Lina Rietuma

3rd place: Molly Carlier

Men’s Intermediate Kata

1st place: Nikolai Scheer

Women’s Intermediate Kata

3rd place: Anna Johansson

Men’s Senior Kata

3rd place: Antonio Wong

Mixed Team Kata

3rd place

Men’s Team Kumite

3rd place

Men’s Novice Kumite (-70)

1st place: Hiro Onishi

Women’s Novice Kumite (-63)

2nd place: Molly Carlier

Women’s Novice Kumite (+63)

2nd place: Lina Rietuma

Men’s Senior Kumite (-75)

3rd place: Antonio Wong

Men’s Senior Kumite (-84)

2nd place: Cameron Duff

Overall Team Results

1st place (60 points, leading Nottingham (46 points) and Coventry (44 points)


W 200m Freestyle

2nd place: Kathryn Greenslade

3rd place: Monique Olivier

M 200m Freestyle

Finalist: Audai Hassouna

W 50m Backstroke

2nd place: Lucy Hope

Finalist: Anna Maine

M 50m Backstroke

Finalists: Scott Gibson and Kieran McGuckin

W 50m Breaststroke

Finalist: Annabel Guye-Johnson

M 50m Breaststroke

Finalist: Nicholas Quinn

W 100m Butterfly

3rd place: Tain Bruce

Finalist: Tara Haworth

W 200m Backstroke

2nd place: Kathryn Greenslade

Finalist: Anna Maine

M 200m Backstroke

Finalist: Scott Gibson

W 50m Freestyle

2nd place: Rachel Masson

Finalist: Anita M’Cartney

M 50m Freestyle

1st place: Jack Thorpe

Finalist: Kieran McGuckin

W 200m Breaststroke

Finalist: Annabel Guye-Johnson

M 200m Breaststroke

3rd place: Nicholas Quinn

Finalist: Andrew Macintosh

W 400m Freestyle Team

2nd place (Tain Bruce, Kathryn Greenslade, Rachel Masson, Lucy Hope)

M 400m Freestyle Team

2nd place (Ross Leslie, Kieran McGuckin, Audai Hassouna, Jack Thorpe)

W 200m Butterfly

Finalist: Tain Bruce

M 200m Butterfly

Finalist: Harry Lewis-Mitchell and Harley Beentjes

W 100m Freestyle


1st place: Lucy Hope

Finalist: Rachel Masson

M 100m Freestyle


1st place: Jack Thorpe

Finalist: Kieran McGuckin

W 100m Breaststroke

Finalist: Kara Hanlon and Annabel Guye-Johnson

M 100m Breaststroke

3rd place: Nicholas Quinn

Finalist: Andrew Macintosh

W 200m IM

Finalist: Tara Haworth

M 200m IM

Finalist:  Thomas Tsiopanis

W 50m Butterfly

Finalist: Tain Bruce and Anita M’Cartney

W 100m Backstroke

2nd place: Lucy Hope

Finalist: Anna Maine

M 100m Backstroke

Finalist: Scott Gibson

W 400m Medley Relay

2nd place (Lucy Hope, Kara Hanlon, Tain Bruce, Rachel Masson)

M 400m Medley

3rd place (Scott Gibson, Nichlas Quinn, Harry Lewis-Mitchell, Jack Thorpe)


Men’s Epee

4th Place: Alex Papadopoulos

Women’s Sabre

2nd Place: Chloe Dickson

Women’s Foil

1st Place: Chloe Dickson

2nd Place: Katie Smith




Men’s Long Jump

1st Place: Che Richards (7.30m Prelims) 7.63m in final.

6th place: Calum Henderson (6.86m Prelims) 7.00m in final

Women’s Triple Jump


Alex Burns (11.41m Prelims) 11.62m in final, placing 7th

Men’s High Jump

Howard Bell 1.93m in final - 10th place





2kyu – lower grade players/don’t earn BUCS Points,  1kyu higher grade players brown/black belts+

Men’s (1 Kyu and above) U66kg


2nd place: Peter Berrett

Women’s (1 Kyu and above) U57kg

3rd place: Rae Anderson

4th place: Kirsty Marsh

Women’s (2 Kyu and below) U52kg

1st place: Anna Steele

Women’s (2 Kyu and below) U70kg

2nd place: Maria Shepherd



Women’s Individuals

2nd place: Ajda Remskar

Men’s Individuals

4th place: Felix Green

Women’s Team

2nd place

Men’s Team

2nd place
Results coming soon