Sport & Exercise

Pleasance Gym Senior Memberships

Sport & Exercise offers discounted memberships to seniors who are aged 64 or over.

12-month senior staff and senior community memberships are available from Sport & Exercise Pleasance Reception. Direct Debit is now available as a payment option.


Prices valid from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018

Information on Membership Prices from 1 August 2017

Senior Staff & Senior Community Membership 12 months upfront cost 12 months (Direct Debit)
Standard £108.00

£27.00 initial payment

9 x £9.00 monthly instalments

With Climbing

Full details and pricing


£48.00 initial payment

9 x £16.00 monthly instalments

The Gym at Easter Bush

Senior University staff memberships also include access to the Gym at Easter Bush - find out more

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