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Is sitting is the new smoking?

Hints and tips on how to sit less and move more.

Sitting has been named the new smoking...

British people sit for 8.9 hours each day (on average). Have a look at to calculate how many hours you sit on an average day


Take regular breaks from your work station

Sedentary behaviour may be adversely associated with chronic disease in adults and risk factors for chronic disease in children and adolescents. Even individuals who currently meet recommended levels of physical activity (at least 150 minutes a week) may be susceptible to the adverse effects of prolonged bouts of sedentary behaviour. It is possible for individuals to participate in the recommended amount of physical activity and also engage in high levels of sedentary behaviour. Its very easy to sit too much, adults spend more than half of their waking hours sitting. Therefore, to reduce your risk of health problems, it is important to be aware of how much you sit, and try to move more throughout the day. Adults who sit less have a lower risk of  early death and particularly cardiovascular disease.  


In recent years a variety of major international research has produced compelling evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

• Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down

• Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)

• Disrupted blood sugar levels

• Increased insulin and blood pressure levels

• Leg muscles switch off


Irrespective of your level of physical activity, the result leads to increased risks of:

1. Heart disease

2. Diabetes

3. Obesity

4. Cancer

5. Back ache

6. Dementia

7. Depression

8. Muscle degeneration


Even breaks as short as a minute - to stand up, move around or climb stairs - are of benefit.

Sit less, move more.