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Pilates for Runners

Supporting you from whistle to finish line. Find out what Pilates can offer you and why elite level athletes incorporate the method into their training.

This highly practical 90 minute workshop via Zoom is aimed at all runners and will focus on how Pilates based exercises can help your technique, improve your flexibility and central strength. Taught by Jenny Tyler, chartered physiotherapist and Body Control Pilates instructor at FASIC. A copy of the exercises will be emailed to participants.

No Pilates experience is necessary but this workshop is not suitable if you have an active injury.


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Further information:

You will need a mat or a large towel and a cushion or hand towel and space to be able to lie down and move limbs. Please wear clothes that you can move freely in. Pilates is usually performed without shoes. There is a strong practical element to the workshop so if you have any injury concerns please contact the clinic prior to participating

Please note that payment and registration form must be completed within 72 hours of registering online otherwise your name will be removed from the course.