Sport & Exercise


We are a multidisciplinary sports medicine team of physiotherapists, podiatrists , physicians and massage therapists treating people at all levels of sport and exercise and are recognised by all the main private insurance companies.

Scottish Golf Clinic

Scottish golf clinic
The Scottish Golf clinic, a preferred provider to the European Golf Tour, provides a one-stop-shop for golfers of all abilities looking to prevent and treat injuries allowing them to perform at their best.

Scottish Running Clinic

Scottish running clinic
The Scottish Running Clinic provides a one-stop-shop for runners, of all abilities, looking to prevent and treat injures to allow them to be the best they can.


Physiotherapy is the core service offered at FASIC.


FASIC's multidisciplinary approach is greatly enhanced by its medical service.


Podiatry is an important stand alone service that can benefit patients with biomechanical problems.

Sports massage

This invaluable additional service is offered at FASIC and all massage therapists are Sports Massage Association (SMA) trained.

Other services

A range of additional specialist services are available at FASIC.