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Krav Maga - Self Defence

Practical self-defence. Improve your confidence & fitness learning self-defence based on real-life situations

Krav Maga is a self-defence system based on instinctive reactions and natural movements. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of background, age, gender, and level of fitness. We focus on how to get yourself out of a dangerous situation in the most efficient and safest way possible.

Krav Maga workshop dates 

Level/speciality  Start Date Duration Time Facility How to book?

Krav Maga Self Defence for Beginners

Wednesday 10 November to 8 December 1 session a week for 5 weeks 1:45pm to 2:45pm Salle

Booking now closed


£35 for the 5-week block

About the workshop

This course will give you an introduction to krav maga self-defence. During the course you will learn the foundations of how to: recognise danger signs, use body language and verbal commands tactically, strike effectively, and defend against common types of attacks, standing and on the ground. The programme is designed to increase your awareness of what you are capable of and build on this to increase your ability to protect yourself and the people you care about.

Learning self-defence can be life-changing, boosting your confidence and reducing fear in everyday life, not to mention the fitness and health benefits of training. Our programme is based on learning through drills and exercises that are both fun and challenging and allow you to progress at a pace that works for you. If you are new to krav maga, this is a great way to start.


No equipment is required unless stated by instructors. Please wear gym clothes and bring a bottle of water.

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