Sport & Exercise

You said - We did

We want to make Sport & Exercise the best it can be and part of that is listening to member suggestions.

We welcome feedback from our members and where applicable will take immediate actions to resolve any issues. When immediate action is not possible or applicable we will take members feedback into considerationh when considering  future plans and developments.

March - May 2018

You said - We did
You said We did
"The temperature in the male sauna isn’t high enough"

A new heater has been fitted and the sauna now works at full capacity

"The showers in FC1 sometimes have an odd smell" A new drainage system will be fitted in FC1 as part of the refurbishment
"Some of the treadmills in the Cardio Gym are unstable"

We have rearranged the treadmills to resolve the issue

"Some of the benches in the vaults have “wobbly” arms" New benches have been ordered and will arrive in July/August
"The showers can get dirty quickly even after they have been cleaned" We are reviewing cleaning hours for Semester 1 18/19
"The music is too loud in the changing rooms and in the gym in the morning" We have reviewed the music levels in the gym and changing rooms
"Music videos often and consistently objectivity and demean women" Music video channels are no longer played in the gym

"There is specific / different equipment that would be useful to have in the gym"

We are reviewing the equipment we have and will take requests into consideration when looking at refits