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Cleaning Products

We have replaced chemical cleaning products with environmentally friendly alternatives from InnuScience

Reducing plastic waste and use of chemicals

Replacing chemical cleaners with the eco-friendly products from InnuScience has several environmental benefits:

  • Reduction in plastic waste - one bottle of Innuscience cleaner replaced 180 of the competitor product
  • Prevention of toxic chemicals entering the sewage system
  • Protecting staff from exposure to chemicals increased wellbeing

Eco-friendly alternatives are important for both the sustainability of our business and the planet. It’s fantastic that our work in these areas has been recognised by the Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

George WhittakerCleaning Supervisor

The project was delivered in partnership with the Estates Department, headed by Cleaning Supervisor George Whittaker and received a Gold Award for Sustainability from the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Office at the University. 

The new products have made a huge difference to my working experience. I am now able to work without having to wear protective clothing, including face masks. These products have absolutely changed my wellbeing at work, I am much more comfortable now being able to work unrestricted. These products have also made my nightly tasks easier and as a team we are all delighted to have been the first team in the University to trial these products.

Steve McLarenNightshift Deep Cleaner