Sport & Exercise

Essential maintenance to our facilities and services

Information about upcoming developments, upgrades and temporary closures across some of our facilities.

We pride ourselves on providing world-class equipment and facilities but occasionally need to close some areas to maintain our high standards and improve our offering. We aim to keep any disruption to members and customers to a minimum and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.   

Current work

Date Room/Space Facility  Closure details
04.10.23 Top Bike Park Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym The top bike park is closed so we can replace the wooden flooring.  We estimate it will be closed for a few weeks. 
08.11.23 The water fountain in Circuits Gym Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym The water fountain in Circuits Gym is currently out of action, we are working to get it fixed and back in action soon. Other water fountains can be found on the concourse and in the Vaults. Additionally, cans of water can be purchased at reception, and for the time being, we are offering free Yanga sports water.
10.11.23 Showers in Male Change 2 Pleasance Sports Complex and Gym

We are currently experiencing an intermittent issue with hot water in the showers in Male Change 2 on Saturday evenings. This means that there is a risk of having a cold shower during that time. 

Our team is working closely with colleagues from Estates to resolve the issue. If you normally like to take a hot shower after using the sauna, we recommend you avoid visiting on Saturday evenings until the issue is resolved.

The showers in Male Change 1 are not affected.