Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce IneqUalities and harM

Our Team

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The SPECTRUM Consortium is comprised of a highly experienced team of researchers from ten UK and one Australian University in addition to partners from policy, practice and commercial organisations. More than 20 disciplines (biology, medicine, computer science, economics, epidemiology, geography, law, political science, psychology, public health, statistics, social policy, social marketing, sociology and others) have been integrated to deliver our  research. 

Name Institution Department
Professor Linda Bauld University of Edinburgh School of Molecular, Genetics & Pop Health
Professor Marcus Munafo University of Bristol Experimental Psychology

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald

University of Stirling Institute for Social Marketing & Health
Professor Mark Petticrew London Sch of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Public Health and Policy
Professor Anna Gilmore University of Bath Department for Health
Professor Jamie Brown University College London Behavioural Science and Health
Professor Alan Brennan  University of Sheffield Health and Related Research
Professor Jamie Pearce University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences
Dr Tessa Langley University of Nottingham School of Medicine
Professor Ann McNeill  King's College London Addictions 
Professor Jeff Collin University of Edinburgh School of Social and Political Science
Professor Keith John Syrett University of Bristol Law
Dr Graham Moore Cardiff University  School of Social Sciences
Professor Sharon Friel Australian National University ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Professor John Britton University of Nottingham School of Medicine
Dr Garth Reid  NHS Health Scotland  
Ms Rosanna O'Connor  Public Health England  Health and Wellbeing
Mr Martin Dockrell  Public Health England Health and Wellbeing
 Dr Julie Bishop Public Health Wales NHS Health & Health Improvement
Sancha Martin University of Edinburgh SPECTRUM Consortium Manager

Lauren White

University of Edinburgh Research Fellow
Damon Morris University of Sheffield Research Associate
Parvati Perman-Howe King's College London Research Associate