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Information about COVID-19 related research being undertaken by SPECTRUM and/or its researchers

May 2020

Currently there are few parts of the world that are unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Many people are working from home and just as many are unable to work at all as their place of employment is closed.  Children are unable to see their friends, attend school and teenagers have had their final exams are cancelled.  The NHS has recalled workers who left its service anywhere from a few years to decades ago, while welcoming new staff that have been fast-tracked through their last few months of training. The Government has transformed exhibition centres into specialist hospitals in a matter of weeks.

These are uncertain times. 

However, what is certain is that the coronavirus pandemic, and the measures implemented to manage it, will have long lasting effects on all walks of life across the globe for quite some time.  

While much of our planned research within SPECTRUM continues during this challenging period, our researchers are also engaging in a number of research studies to understand the societal impact of the pandemic and how health behaviours, policies and services change during this period. The data collected at this time will provide the platform for future studies to understand how governments, institutions, the general public and individuals respond to the pandemic and the associated public health measures that require us to stay home and only leave for essential purposes such as food shopping or exercise.  Although we are all constrained by the same measures of containment, we are all affected in varying ways and to varying degrees.  The health inequalities that were apparent prior to lock down are becoming even more obvious during it.

Below you may find links to some of the research that SPECTRUM members are undertaking at this time.