SPECTRUM Consortium

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More about our partners

Along with an inter-disciplinary research team, SPECTRUM’s work is co-created with research users from civil society organisations, companies and the main public health agencies in Great Britain. 

Our partners include the main multi-agency alliances working to reduce harm from key unhealthy commodities in the UK and will ensure our focus on addressing inequalities and the unintended consequences of public health policies and interventions are integrated into all our work.  

Our commercial partner The Retail Data Partnership provides key data, analytical platforms and skills to enhance the reach and relevance of our work.

We also benefit from close collaboration with the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), Public Health Wales (PHW) and Public Health Scotland (PHS). These links provide the SPECTRUM consortium with both input and direct routes to impact in policy and practice.  

The public will be involved through engagement panels, citizen’s juries and qualitative research.  This includes continuing two public engagement panels originally set up via our previous Consortium, the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (click here for more information on these panels) and a third new one that we will establish in London with mental health service users.

All of these important partnerships ensure that research findings will benefit from an accelerated pathway to inform new policies and practices and will provide valuable data to assess the extent and effectiveness of approaches to addressing non-communicable diseases in the UK and beyond.