Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce IneqUalities and harM

Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce IneqUalities and harM

We are a multi-university, multi-agency research consortium focused on the commercial determinants of health and health inequalities funded by the UK Prevention Research Partnership.  

SPECTRUM will generate new evidence to inform the prevention of NCDs caused by unhealthy commodities focusing initially on tobacco and alcohol but extending work to unhealthy food and drinks. Our research aims to transform policy and practice to encourage and enable healthy environments and behaviours.

The SPECTRUM Consortium includes the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stirling, King's College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University College London and the Australian National University. It also includes the main public health agencies (Public Health England, NHS Health Scotland and Public Health Wales) in Great Britain.  Additionally, partners include The Retail Data Partnership, Sandtable and the Alcohol Health Alliance, Smokefree Action Coalition, Obesity Health Alliance, NCD Alliance and the Poverty Alliance.

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