Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses

What can you do for your SLICC?

Examples of experiences and topics students have used previously

Finding your experience and selecting your topic of investigation 

You are responsible for finding your own summer experience. Some examples of experiences you could use include volunteering, an internship, work experience or a solo research project.

Once you have found your experience you will need to decide on your SLICC topic. This is what you are planning to investigate throughout your experience. Your experience and SLICC topic may be directly related to your discipline or they may be related to something completely separate, which you are interested in experiencing and gaining knowledge of. 

The pages below will give some examples of student experiences and selected topics from previous students.

Experiences and topics

Examples of students' experiences and the topics they selected.

Learning Abstracts

‘Learning Abstracts’ from previous summer SLICCs

Interested in Summer SLICCs? Not got your summer planned yet?

We know some of you will be trying to identify what to do this summer but might not have found the right opportunity for you yet.  We can help with that.  Read the section on making plans for the summer for some ideas to get you started.

Making plans for the summer