Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses


Information for students interested in SLICCs, especially those running in the summer

What is a SLICC?

Introductory information about SLICCs, including videos and student accounts.

What can you do for your SLICC?

Examples of experiences and topics students have used previously

Why do a SLICC?

SLICCs give you the fantastic opportunity to tailor your own academic course, tied to the experience you wish to undertake. Here are some of the benefits students tell us they get from completing a SLICC.

Where can you do a SLICC?

Information about the availability of SLICCs across the University and beyond, and where to find out more.

Do a Summer SLICC

Information about summer SLICCs, including advice on making plans for this summer, the Summer SLICCs eligibility criteria and FAQs.