Semester dates

Programmes with non-standard academic years

The semester dates for some degree programmes diverge from the standard academic year structure.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, if you are unsure about the semester dates for your programme please check with your school or college.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Business School

  • Business Administration, Master of  (MBA)(Full-time)
  • Business Administration with International Exchange, Master of (MBA)(Full-time)

  • Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Online Business Administration, Master of (MBA)

Centre for Open Learning

  • Access Programme
  • International Foundation Programme

School of Economics 


  • Mathematical Economics and Econometrics (MSc)

Edinburgh College of Art


  • European Master’s in Landscape Architecture (European Masters)
  • Urban Strategies and Design (MSc)

The Moray House School of Education


  • Community Education (BA Hons) (Full-time)    
  • Primary Education with Gaelic (Fluent) MA (Hons)    
  • Primary Education with Gaelic (Learners) MA (Hons)             
  • Primary Education with Earth Sciences MA (Hons)    
  • Primary Education with History MA (Hons)   
  • Primary Education with Mathematics MA (Hons)    
  • Primary Education with Modern Languages (German) MA (Hons)   
  • Primary Education with Religious Studies MA (Hons)    
  • Primary Education with Scottish Studies MA (Hons) 
  • Physical Education MA (Hons)          


  • Dance Science and Education (MSc)
  • Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) (PGDE)
  • Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) (PGDE)
  • Outdoor Education (MSc)
  • Outdoor Environmental Education (MSc)
  • Transformative Learning and Teaching (MSc)

Online learning

  • Digital Education (Online Learning) (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)
  • Social Justice and Community Action (Online Learning) (MSc/PgDip/PgCert)

School of Law

Professional development

  • Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

School of Health in Social Science


  • Nursing Studies BN (Hons)


  • Applied Psychology for Children and Young People (MSc)
  • Clinical Psychology (DClinPsychol)
  • Counselling Studies (PgCert)
  • Counselling (PgDip)
  • Interpersonal Dialogue (MCouns)
  • Nursing (MN)
  • Psychological Therapies (MSc)
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling (DPsychotherapy)

School of Social and Political Science


  • Social Work (BSc Hons)

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Edinburgh Medical School: Medical Education


Postgraduate online learning

  • Clinical Education (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Simulation Based Clinical Education (Online Learning) (PgCert)

Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences


  • Biomedical Laboratory Science (Professional Practice) (Part-time) (BSc)


  • MScR in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)
  • MScR in Integrative Neuroscience

Postgraduate online learning

  • Anatomical Sciences (Online Learning) (PgDip)
  • Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Global Health and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Global Health Studies (Online Learning) (PgCert)
  • International Animal Health (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Science Communication and Public Engagement (Online Learning) (MSc)

Edinburgh Medical School: Clinical Sciences


  • Oral Health Sciences (BSc)


  • Endodontology (DClinDent)
  • Orthodontics Dentistry (DClinDent)
  • Paediatric Dentistry (DClinDent)
  • Prosthodontics Dentistry (DClinDent)

Postgraduate online learning

  • Applied Medical Image Analysis (Online Learning) (PgCert)

  • Clinical Management of Pain (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Clinical Ophthalmology (Online Learning) (ChM)

  • Critical Care (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • General Surgery (Online Learning) (ChM)

  • Imaging (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Internal Medicine (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Neuroimaging for Research (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • PET-MR Principles and Applications (Online Learning) (PgCert)

  • Primary Care Ophthalmology (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Restorative Dentistry (Online Learning) (MSc)

  • Stem Cells and Translational Neurology (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Surgical Sciences (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Surgical Writing and Evidence Based Practice (Online Learning) (PgCert)
  • Trauma and Orthopaedics (Online Learning) (ChM)
  • Urology (Online Learning) (ChM)
  • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (Online Learning) (ChM)

Edinburgh Medical School: Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences

Postgraduate online learning

  • Clinical Trials (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Data Science, Health and Social Care (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Epidemiology (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Family Medicine (Online Learning) (MFM)
  • Global Health Challenges (Online Learning) (PgCert)
  • Public Health (Online Learning) (MPH) (Full-time)
  • Public Health (Online Learning) (MPH) (Part-time)

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


Postgraduate online learning

  • Advanced Clinical Practice (Online Learning) (MVetSci)
  • Advanced Veterinary Practice (Online Learning) (RCVS Certificate)
  • Applied Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Forensics (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Applied Poultry Science (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Clinical Animal Behaviour (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Conservation Medicine (Online Learning) (MVetSci)
  • Equine Science (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Food Safety (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Global Food Security and Nutrition (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • One Health (Online Learning) (MSc)
  • Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Online Learning) (MSc)

College of Science and Engineering

College of Science & Engineering

Postgraduate online learning

  • Data Science, Technology and Innovation (Online Learning) (MSc, PGDip, PgCert)