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Guidance on qualifications accepted by the University for entry to its degree programmes

Only applicants who have, or are predicted to achieve or exceed, the academic qualifications set in our entry requirements are considered for selection. These requirements are set at a level that ensures applicants have the skills and knowledge to successfully complete and enjoy their degree studies.

To demonstrate that students are prepared for degree-level study, we expect the qualifications used to meet our entry requirements to have been achieved within the previous three academic years before the date of entry.

Please note that for our mathematics and informatics degree programmes, any mathematics qualification used for entry must have been achieved within the previous two academic years.

Applicants should note that achievement of the academic requirement will not guarantee the offer of a place.


Standard and minimum entry qualifications to enter the selection process

Each degree programme has specific grades that you must achieve to be considered for a place. We normally express these as a range of grades, for example AAAA – AAAB (achievement by end of S5 preferred) for Scottish Highers, or AAA – ABB for GCE A Levels. Please check the degree finder for the specific requirements for the programme you are interested in as some programmes have higher or lower requirements than those in this example.

We call these required grades our standard entry requirements. Unless you are a widening access applicant, eligible for a Plus Flag, you will be asked to meet these requirements.

If you have met, or are predicted to meet, the lowest grade listed in our standard entry requirement, you will be entered into our selection process. This does not guarantee that you will receive an offer.

Each degree programme also has a minimum entry requirement. We normally express this as a single set of grades. If you are a widening access applicant, eligible for a Plus Flag, you will be guaranteed a place as long as you meet, or are predicted to meet, your programme’s minimum entry requirements, including specific grades in required subjects.

Please refer to our Degree Finder for entry qualifications and subject requirements as these will vary between different degree programmes. Several degree programmes also require specific National 5/GCSE subjects or equivalent


English language

In addition to academic entry requirements for the degree programme, you must also meet the general University English language requirements. For all programmes, you must provide evidence that your English will enable you to succeed on your chosen programme of study. For a list of accepted English qualifications, please visit


Approved subjects for entry

Please refer to the list of approved SQA Higher and GCE A-Level subjects for guidance on which subjects are accepted by the University for entry to our degree programmes. If you require further advice on particular subjects or a combination of subjects please contact the College Admissions Office.  A list of approved subjects can be found at


Fee status

When you apply to study with us you will be assigned a fee status. This determines what your tuition fees will be and is based on your nationality and where you live. If your fee status changes after you have been made an offer this may result in changes to any conditions that have been set and in some cases the offer may be withdrawn. If this happens, you will be kept informed by the Admissions team. For more information please have a look at our website:


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