College of Science & Engineering

General Requirements

We consider both academic and non-academic information when making our admissions decision.

When making our admissions decision, we consider:

  • academic grades (achieved and predicted)
  • academic reference
  • personal statement

Interviews are not part of the undergraduate admissions process in the College of Science and Engineering.


Academic references should:

  • comment on the quality of your academic work, especially predicted grades for future qualifications
  • note any special circumstances that have affected your work
  • comment on your character, disposition and interaction with class or workmates
  • mention your activities outside school such as hobbies or community work

Personal statement

In your personal statement we also look for evidence of:

  • commitment
  • motivation
  • readiness for higher education
  • suitability for your chosen degree programme
  • strong interest in your chosen subject area


There is normally no lower age.

However, if you will be under 17 years and six months when you start your studies, we may offer you the option of taking a gap year.  This is not mandatory and the final decision rests with you.

Admissions policies: Admission of children