College of Science & Engineering


Deposit payment

Offer holders for specified programmes in the School of GeoSciences and the School of Informatics are required to pay a  tuition fee deposit.

If you received a conditional offer requiring you to pay a deposit in order to secure your place on the programme you need to pay the deposit of £1500. The deposit will be offset against the tuition fee payable at the time of matriculation.  You should only make a payment if you received an offer with the condition of payment of the deposit. Once you have made your payment please allow up to five working days for your record to be updated. 

For further information please see Guidance and information on deposit payments

School of Geosciences

Payment deadlines

Offer date Deadline for payment of deposit  
Offers issued up to 1st March 31st March
Offers issued 2nd March  -  30th June 28 days from date of offer
Offers issued 1st July until the programme start date  14 days from date of offer (or the start date of the programme if earlier)

Offer holders for the following programmes in the School of Geosciences should pay using this link:

School of Geosciences PGT deposits - ePay

  • Applied Environmental Hydrogeology

  • Carbon Management (on campus)
  • Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management
  • Ecological Economics
  • Energy, Society and Sustainability
  • Environment and Development
  • Environment, Culture and Society
  • Environmental Protection and Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food Security
  • GeoEnergy
  • Geographical Information Science
  • Marine Systems and Policies
  • Soils and Sustainability


School of Informatics


Payment deadline is 14 days from the date the offer was made.


Offer holders for the following programmes in the School of Informatics should pay using this link:

School of Informatics PGT deposits - ePay

  • Advanced Technology for Financial Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Science
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust
  • Data Science
  • Informatics