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The College of Science and Engineering is currently expanding its online learning portfolio of programmes and courses.

Our online learning programmes are academically equivalent to our on-campus programmes and online students are part of the University community with access to services and support. Course content can be accessed online from anywhere and courses are taught using Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).  Though our programmes are flexible and suitable for working professionals, as with our on-campus programmes, time management is key and courses run during specific times throughout the academic year with assessment deadlines to meet.

Learn more about how online learning works, what online learning students can expect from the University, and our expectations of online learning students in this short film:

Introduction to Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh


Online Learning Programmes currently available within the College of Science and Engineering:

Data Science, Technology and Innovation

Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) is a University-wide online learning suite of programmes covering a wide range of Data Science related subjects. It is hosted by the College of Science and Engineering (CSE).

Online learning courses are currently available for professional development up to postgraduate qualification level (Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD), PG Certificate, PG Diploma and MSc). The flexible, modular, online learning programmes are designed to fully equip tomorrow's data professionals, offering different entry points into the world of data science with study available part-time for working professionals.

This includes courses from a range of subject areas from across the University in the sciences, humanities, and medicine. 

Data Science, Technology and Innovation Programme Website 

Additional courses and programmes are in development.  Academic colleagues interested in contributing course content to the DSTI suite of programmes should contact the CSE Online Learning Team


Data Skills Workforce Development

This is a portfolio of standalone courses which aims to give the workforce the tools to upskill and reskill in the field of digital data. 

The portfolio includes a series of non-credit-bearing workshops and courses and credit-bearing courses which can be used towards follow-on degrees where credits are relevant and accepted.  

 The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) invest around £1.8 billion a year into the Scottish Higher Education sector for learning and teaching, skills development, research and innovation, staff, buildings and equipment.  SFC have supported the development and delivery of this portfolio.  Additional funding through the SFC National Transition Training Fund for those 25+ who are unemployed or at risk of redundancy is also available. For further information regarding SFC-funded places for the Scottish workforce see: 

 Funding Opportunities 

 Data Skills Workforce Development Website 


Student using laptop to access online course

School of Geosciences

The School of Geosciences delivers an expanding suite of world-class online learning programmes. Launched in 2014, its online MSc in Carbon Management and PG Certs in Climate Change Management and Carbon Innovation attract >40 students a year from all over the world who want an advanced academic qualification in the business, science, policy and economics of tackling climate change.

The interdisciplinary nature of the programme provides a detailed understanding of climate science, business, policy and economics, and an integrated understanding of carbon management. The online delivery is formulated so as to allow study to be balanced alongside full-time employment and family commitments. 

See further programme details and a preview of the courses at

Carbon Management (Online Learning) MSc

Carbon Innovation (Online Learning) PG Cert

Global Environment Challenges (Online Learning) PG Cert

Climate Change Management (Online Learning) PG Cert


Undergraduate Online Course

The School of Geosciences also run an online undergraduate course in Sustainability and Social Responsibility available to all University of Edinbugh students.  Please note this course will not run in year 2019/20.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Online Course Information



EPCC run online learning courses enabling students to study wherever they are in the world.

Online learning courses available via EPCC



A full list of University online programmes is available here:

A - Z of Online Programmes