College of Science & Engineering

Why choose us?

Edinburgh proudly takes its place alongside Oxford and Cambridge among a small group of leading research universities in the UK. We are one of the most wide-ranging in our teaching and research activities.

International focus

Every year hundreds of international students are drawn to Edinburgh by the combination of a top university and a beautiful city.

Most of the official languages of the European Union and many others from across Europe, Africa and Asia are taught at Edinburgh and the University promotes an active international exchange collaboration programme.

We recruit our faculty from world-class researchers from across the globe, and our researchers have the opportunity to team up in a number of international partnerships.

We've also launched Edinburgh Global, a University-wide initiative capitalising on our diversity.

Edinburgh Global

EUSA Global

EUSA Global is a project run by the Students' Association to promote student-led internationalisation activities on campus. This project aims to enhance the global experience for students at the University of Edinburgh.

To find out more visit EUSA Global.

EUSA Global

Flexibility and choice

We offer a wide range of degree courses, with a great deal of flexibility that allows students to choose from a large selection of subjects in the University.

Normally, students take courses in three subjects in the first year, usually followed by courses in at least two additional subjects in the second year.

This flexibility means that students often have several subjects to choose from for their final study at degree level and that they can delay this decision until quite a late stage.

Research excellence

Staff are at the forefront of developments in many subjects, such as the study and application of micro-electronics, computer-based disciplines and biotechnology.

Because of this, our postgraduate programmes incorporate the latest developments. Courses are often linked to current research activities and students have access to excellent equipment and facilities.


Computing facilities at Edinburgh are some of the best in the UK. There are over 10 separate computing labs at King's Buildings alone.

In addition to state of the art computing facilities (PCs, Macs and UNIX workstations, high-speed fibre-optic networks, email and internet), there are specialist facilities for graphics and multimedia design and production.