College of Science & Engineering

Purpose of induction

An effective induction ensures that new staff can quickly learn the University’s policies, processes and practices.

"The term ‘induction’ is generally used to describe the whole process whereby employees adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and working environment."

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Effective induction makes the transition for a new member of staff to their new job as smooth and as trouble-free as possible.

A planned induction is required for new recruits across all staff categories, including:

  • movers
  • promotees
  • returners
  • redeployed personnel


The induction has the goal of:

  • welcoming the new member of staff to the University, College, School and their Section
  • ensuring the individual understands core information about their job
  • helping the individual to settle into their new job and work environment

General induction

Since each new Start’s learning needs will be different, we cannot provide a one-size fits all programme of induction.

Nonetheless a general induction should include the four aspects we've outlined here.

Introduction to the University

  • strategy and Planning (at University, College and School levels)
  • general policies and procedures
  • history, values, culture

Role specific introduction

An outline of the role requirements and standards of performance (including the opportunity to set role specific objectives for the coming year).

An explanation of the terms and conditions of employment (working hours, sickness absence procedures, holiday entitlements and request procedures, and so on).

Team specific introduction

An introduction to all relevant people.

A demonstration of how the employee’s role fits into the structure of the team and how their role fits with the School/College/University’s strategy and goals.

Workplace introduction

Proper workplace introductions should:

  • Review Health and Safety Policy, Procedure and Rules relating to role requirement, building requirements and other general health and safety related issues.
  • Provide a guided tour of the new Start’s office building including key locations and facilities (photocopier, toilets, lunch-room, and so on).
  • Review and set-up new employee on IT and Telephone Systems, cover questions related to the University computing regulations. Provide lists of key contacts, campus maps, semester dates, and such.