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Research Misconduct

The University of Edinburgh is responsible for ensuring that the research it supports is carried out in accordance with best practice. From 2015, Research Council UK have requested that there are policies in place to govern good research practice and investigate allegations of misconduct. 

Concerns should first be raised with the relevant School(s).

All Schools have a designated Research Misconduct contact, which, depending on the School, will be the Director of Research or the Head of the School. If possible, allegations should be made in writing to this contact through the appropriate School website. If the allegations concern the aforementioned parties, Research Misconduct can be reported to the Head of the College. 

Research Misconduct Definition

Research Misconduct includes any of the following:

Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or deception in proposing, carrying out or reporting the results of research, as well as deliberate, dangerous or negligent deviation from accepted practice or agreed protocols

The University of Edinburgh Research Misconduct Policy, page 1

University-wide Research Misconduct Policy

See here a flowchart of the University's policy.


Other Codes of Misconduct

The College's policy on Misconduct reflects recommendations from other Codes of Conduct. 

University Policy on Research Misconduct

University Policy on Whistleblowing

University Policy relating to disciplinary, grievance and capability processes

EPSRC's Scientific Misconduct Policy

MRC Misconduct Policy