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The Commercial Relations Team is here to promote opportunities for business.

Excel with Edinburgh

As one of the world’s leading universities, Edinburgh offers an extensive range of cutting edge expertise, facilities and services. Engagement with industry partners is key to our success and provides the opportunity for collaboration, applying our research and expertise to current and future industry needs, delivering real impact to businesses, the economy, society and the environment.

The role of the Commercial Relations Team is to develop strategic relations with our industrial partners. We aim to develop long lasting affiliations that benefit both the University and the company. To do this we will increase our knowledge of industry requirements to inform our research, impact strategies and exploitation routes.

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The Team facilitates access to academic specialists, promoting engagement that delivers innovative solutions to research problems. If you would like to engage with our academics please contact us to organise relevant workshops, one-to-one meetings or consultancy opportunities.

Opportunities for SMEs

The Team has access to funding sources designed to encourage and support SME relationships with the University.

The Scottish Funding Council, along with other funders, created the Innovation Voucher scheme and has supported this venture since 2008. The scheme encourages Scottish SMEs to collaborate with a Scottish Higher Education Institution (HEI). The awards are specifically intended to encourage new partnerships that have not previously collaborated or jointly received funding from any source previously so as to build links between Scotland’s HEIs and small businesses. With £5,000 given to the research centre, match funded by the company in cash or kind, innovation can be set in motion and relationships founded.

Following the success of the Innovation Voucher scheme a follow on scheme has been introduced to allow progression of projects after the initial phase to ensure a sustained relationship. The Follow on Innovation Voucher scheme facilitates longer term partnerships between the SME and the University which must be matched in cash by the company up to a maximum of £20,000 and minimum of £5,000.

To learn more about the Innovation Voucher scheme, visit the Interface website.

Innovate UK, previously the Technology Strategy Board, is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Innovate UK have an alternative voucher scheme making British SMEs eligible. The Innovate UK innovation voucher is for £5,000, awarded to the SME for use in drawing on expertise outwith the company.

To learn more about the Innovate UK funding schemes please visit their website.