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Impact Acceleration Account funds help create impact through engaging with our partners.

Impact Acceleration Account - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


The University of Edinburgh has been awarded further funding for the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). These funds will support industry engagement and commercialisation activities from EPSRC funded research. These activities include collaborative projects, secondments and PhD internships. The fund aims to increase, advance and accelerate the achievement of impact to the UK plc from EPSRC funded research. The funds are managed by Edinburgh Innovations on behalf of the College of Science & Engineering.

The funding call process is now open to applications. Deadlines, review dates for the panel to meet and feedback dates to award projects are detailed below.

Deadlines and panel dates for applications
Call Opens Call Closes Panel Convenes Decision Communicated
17th July 2017 4th August 2017 7th August 17 21st August 2017
4th September 2017 29th September 2017 2nd October 2017 16th October 2017
2nd October 2017 27th October 2017 30th October 2017 13th November 2017
6th November 2017 1st December 2017 4th December 2017 18th December 2017
8th January 2018 26th January 2018 29th January 2018 12th February 2018

If you are interested in applying for IAA funding for a project please read through the combined guidelines and application forms below:


Funding Guidelines and Rules

Application Form

Finance Details

Frequently Asked Questions about EPSRC IAA Impact Funding


  1. Does the application go to Swindon - or are they assessed at The University of Edinburgh?

Applications are assessed at the University by an internal panel, comprised of colleagues in Edinburgh Innovations Business Development Team and academic representatives.


  1. What funds are available and what is a reasonable project size?

The funds available are limited, but any reasonable cost will be considered. A breakdown of the costs and a forecast of the spend should be part of your application. All funds must be spent by January 2020. Costs can include PDRA time, PI time, consumables and travel (further details available in the rules and guideline documents).


  1. Do I need formal letters of support from the company?

It is desirable that a letter of support is submitted with the application, but not a strict requirement. If the application is successful in order to progress a letter of support will then be required.


  1. What is the likely duration of the project?

This will be dictated by the project requirements. A project can be as short as 1 month and as long as 12 months as long as it ends by the 31st January 2020.


  1. Could it be a joint project with another University and a UK company?

Yes, although IAA funds would not be able to support the HEI partnership involvement.


  1. Can the company costs be paid for from the IAA funds?

No. The IAA funds have been awarded by the Research Councils as a grant so usual rules apply to how funds can be spent.


  1. Are there any restrictions regarding where the collaborating company is based? Must they be from the UK?

There are no geographical restrictions for the company location, however it must be clearly demonstrated how the impact will be felt in the UK, so UK companies are often more appropriate. This typically means the collaborating company should have a UK R&D presence. Anticipated impact must be seen in the UK.


  1. Are there any restrictions regarding previous interactions with the company, do the projects have to be with new companies?

Projects can be with companies that the University have previously worked with, with a view to maturing a relationship, or can be new relationships.


  1. Are there any restrictions about multiple applications?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of applications an individual can submit.


  1. When do projects need to be completed by?

Projects need to be completed by the end of Jnauary 2020, to esnure that all funds are spent by the end of the grant period.


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