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Information for Academics

The Commercial Relations Team is here to facilitate development for academics.

Excel with Industry

From developing professional networks to collating and disseminating information relating to the industry needs of our researchers, the Commercial Relations team is here to support academics.

One of the team's goals is to increase awareness of the potential of our research activites for effecting innovation. From the breadth of our research portfolio there is significant scope to create impact in many areas of importance to the UK. We are developing a new industry engagement program as a key mechanism for increasing this impact.

If you would like to create impact opportunities by working with industry partners on research challenges please get in touch.

Pathways to Impact

Since April 2009, UK Research Councils have required applicants to identify potential pathways to impact of the projects they seek funding for. This includes an overview of potential beneficiaries and how they will benefit (to be included in the Je-S form) in addition to a two page attachment outlining intentions to ensure beneficiaries have the chance to engage with the project.

Documents have been produced by Edinburgh Innovations and University colleagues based on previous experiences since implementation by the research councils. Workshops to support drafting Pathways to Impact were previously implemented in each school.

Find more information and examples of Pathways to Impact plans from successful grant applications

Visit the RCUK website for more information on Pathways to Impact