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Science events at the year's Edinburgh Fringe

There are a number of science related talks and events at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival which have links with the College of Science and Engineering.

The following four one-off talks will be running in August as part of The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI) which is organised by Beltane Public Engagement Network in association with Fair Pley Productions and the Stand Comedy Club. They feature University of Edinburgh Academics presenting talks on specialised areas of knowledge.

Please follow the links for more information and booking.


5th Aug, 13:50, New Town Theatre

Outer Space – the Next Empire?

Matjaz Vidmar & Pippa Goldschmidt


10th Aug, 13:50, New Town Theatre

You Don’t Matter

Catherine Heymans & Joe Zuntz


13th Aug, 20:20, New Town Theatre

Are Aliens Coming To Eat Your Face?

Adam Stevens


19th Aug, 13:50, New Town Theatre

Dr Data: the Answer to Cancer

Aileen Keel and Dave Robertson


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