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Innovation in Education award for China-UK Low Carbon College

China-UK Low Carbon College (LCC) won the award for Innovation in Education at the China-Scotland Business Council Awards. 

Joint initiative

The China-UK Low Carbon College is a joint initiative of the University of Edinburgh, Shanghai Jaio Tong University and Shanghai Lingang City, set up to encourage climate innovation in China and around the world through teaching, research and innovation.  The Executive Director of Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) for 2019, Ed Craig, is currently seconded to the College on a part-time basis to drive forward its innovation and executive education activities.  


The Awards, which took place at the Chinese Burns Supper 2019 last Thursday at the Waldolf Astoria in Edinburgh, acknowledge innovation, effort and commitment in forging business partnerships with China and delivering commercial success.  The China-UK Low Carbon College was one of five finalists competing for the Innovation in Education Award.

Further information

The China-UK Low Carbon College grew out of ECCI’s Low Carbon Innovation project, which has helped more than 200 Scottish companies develop their business and build international links.  The College aims to replicate ECCI’s cross-sectoral, practical approach to driving a low carbon future, mobilising expertise from six different schools across the University of Edinburgh and collaborating with a range of research institutions and businesses.  The College currently offers Masters courses in Low Carbon Environment and Low Carbon Energy. A postgraduate programme in Carbon Finance is planned for 2019/20. It has launched ten collaborative research partnerships so far, with more planned this year.

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