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SCI-FUN Do-It-Yourself Activities

Based at the University of Edinburgh, the SCI-FUN Roadshow has been delivering interactive activities to school and community groups for 25 years. On this page, we share some of the activities that can be reproduced at home or in the classroom with the use of some basic materials and perhaps access to a printer.

If you have any trouble with these materials, or would like to send us any comments about them, please contact us:

Email the SCI-FUN team

The activities are grouped below by how difficult they are to recreate.

Downloads note: Clicking an activity link below will take you to OneDrive. From there, to download several files at the same time, hover over each and select the circle that appears to the left, then click the ‘download’ option towards the top of that page.

Resources for teachers

This document outlines how our activities link to the Curriculum for Excellence.