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Science on a Summer’s Evening 2017

On Wednesday 14th June, the College of Science and Engineering presents a special evening of lectures and hands-on science, showcasing exciting research at the University of Edinburgh.

In the 2017 edition, we present two quite different themes and we’re bringing the event to the Playfair Library in Old College for the first time.

Cait MacPhee image
Professor Cait MacPhee

The event is free, but ticketed.

Getting the most out of microbes: an understanding of how bacteria build their communities can help us design new foods

Professor Cait MacPheeBacteria have frequently suffered from a negative public image given their association with illness and disease. However, this portrayal is slowly but surely changing. Prof Cait MacPhee presents a new view by showcasing the wonder of microbes through the novel combination of physics and biology.

The talk focuses on how microbes make elaborate architectures (“bacterial cities") that provide protection for their community, and how this can be a good thing (as well as sometimes a bad thing) for us. Attention will then be given to how we can utilise some of the ingredients microbes use in their combined structures as part of new products with enhanced textures and shelf-life.

Closing the loop: chemistry’s role in recovering metals from “urban mines”

Professor Jason Love

Jason Love photo
Professor Jason Love

This presentation explores the wealth of metal resources that are all around us, particularly within the abundance of technologies that are integrated into our lives. But what happens to all these resources once our devices – such as smartphones and pedometers – have outlived their use? How much of the material inside are we able to recover and successfully use again in new devices?

Prof Jason Love will describe how his team is developing new chemistry-based techniques that could recover more of the precious metals from discarded technology. These devices would then become “urban mines”, reducing the dependence on extracting raw materials from the Earth, with many environmental and economic benefits.



The event is free but ticketed.

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